Beard Styles

Different beard styles project very different images. Choosing the best, age-appropriate beard or mustache style will immensely enhance your life. The styles listed below are the most common styles around today, if you wear a different style don't panic. Send me a picture of your personal beard or mustache style and I'll tell you what it says about you and if it is manly.

Note: If you can't envision the styles by their names you are like a 16 year old who thinks they are in love; you have no idea what you're getting into and you are not mature enough for such a committed relationship.

Important Note: The following descriptions only apply when properly worn. Many so called men wear beard or mustache styles and look like fools. The style must fit the man and the age-range to project the right image. Some men just aren't men and no matter how much facial hair they have won't change that.

Full Beard - Ages 25 and up.

Sure, many boys can grow full beards at younger ages but they shouldn't. A full beard says "I am a Man, I am confident, handsome, even keel and may or may not have just come from the mountains where I kilt (sp. intended) a bear with a knife and made a fire with sparks from rocks and a few beard hairs.

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Goatee and Mustache - Ages 19-49.

A nice, full goatee and stache says "Yeah, I'm a little hip, but don't be fooled by the coolness, I'm also well grounded and mature." Once a man reaches 50 he has no need to project hipness because he's an old big timer and has entered the 2nd realm of O.M.S. (Old Man Strength).

Goatee - Ages 18-34.

A good patch of hair covering the chin and extending down says "I'm pretty cool, like to have fun and I'm a little immature." It's a good look in the proper time frame, but it shouldn't be a lifelong staple. Enjoy the style but don't forget to grow up a bit.

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Mustache and Soul Patch - 23 and up.

Those who don this look must be very careful and properly respect this powerful style. A trimmed stache and patch of hair under the lower lip says "I am a bad ass, I know it and you know it. I'm a nice enough guy but if we cross, well, then I'm your huckleberry and you don't want that." This style can be easily abused and misused, I recommend that you think long and hard before wearing it and watch "Tombstone" twice in a row before making your final decision on whether or not you can handle the magnitude of the Stache and Soul Patch.

Mustache - Ages 21 and up.

The stache says "I am Big Time, I don't care what you think."

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Soul Patch - Ages 17-39.

This style tends to be overused, especially amongst the hippy crowd. The Soul Patch says "I'm hip, relaxed, easy going and most likely a little artsy and feminine. I try to play the guitar, go with the flow and may or may not have been thought to be homosexual at one time or another."

Chin Strap - Ages 16-20.

Also known as the chin curtain this ear to ear strip of hair says "Wow, I'm in high school and can grow some decent facial hair...Awesome!" A very appropriate look for the kids but out of its age range it takes a dive and says, "I think I'm way cooler than I really am and I'm most likely an untalented, wannabe hip-hopper."

Mutton Chops - Ages 32 and up.

A rare look these days that says "I've lived a bit of life but ain't too sure of too many things. I like a good sour mash, my front porch and maybe my cousin."

Mutton Chops w/ Stache - Ages 35 and up.

A distant cousin to the Mutton Chop look but it sends a very different message. By connecting the chops with a stache this beard style says "I am gentlemanly and fair. I don't miss church or a good fox hunt. I enjoy mint julips and an occasional family feud."

Scruff - 18 and up.

A well kept fine layer of scruff on the face says "I'm comfortable, easy going, well grounded and at the same time adventurous. I can be a little shady and hold back the true beast within from time to time." Too often this look gets a bad rap as people think the wearer is lazy, but that is just not true. The person with scruff is decent and efficient.

Honorable Mention - Side Burns

This look didn't get its own section on the list because side burns are the gravy of the beard and mustache world. They go well with everything and make all styles better but alone they are weak and just an extension of a hairstyle.

I'm glad you've read this section, go forth now and choose wisely the facial hair that will suit you best.