Beard Growing Tips

As I've said before, growing a beard seems very easy and to give tips would probably be unnecessary. However, simple as it may seem there are a few key steps that need to be taken early on in order to ensure a successful experience.

1 - Make the Commitment

When you choose to grow facial hair you must realize that you and your beard will be together every second of every day. That kind of relationship, like all significant, deep relationships, requires a commitment. If you are to have a good experience/relationship with your beard and/or mustache style you must make a firm decision before you go even one day without shaving. Waffling and "taking things slow to see where it goes" will greatly increase your chance of a bitter shaving. Having a "why buy the cow when the milk comes free" mentality is cowardly and cheapens all relationships.

If you're not careful you will do some serious damage that could last years. Making a strong commitment early on will carry you through the tough times and struggles that will be part of your journey. You and your beard deserve to have the best opportunity for a long fulfilling partnership. Give you word, be a Man and stick with it!
Important Note: If your signficant loved one suffers from Trichophobia (the fear of hair) click here for the healing process. No one should have to suffer from such a disease and you should not be hindered in your desire for facial hair.

2 - Let it Go

Now that the hardest part is done you can get started on the second hardest part, letting go. Once your commitment is made you need to refuse all razors and devices of beard trimming for 9 days. For some this will be much more difficult than for others. You may be mocked as your appearance becomes more rugged and "unkempt," just stay strong and remember your commitment. On the 9th day take a razor and carefully carve out your neckline aka. where the bottom of your beard will extend to on your neck.

Personally I like to follow close to the jaw line but feel free to make the line wherever you are most comfortable. Just be careful not to make it too high, it's always best to shave too little rather than too much.
After your neckline has been established allow for total growth for the next 13 days. Maintain the neckline of course, but leave the rest to nature. Again, you may be subjected to ridicule and mockery during this time but stay the course. Remember your commitment and continue to lay the foundation that will support a strong, healthy experience/relationship.

On the 22nd day you have reached the time for a decision. Based on your growth and Manhood carefully evaluate what Beard and/or Mustache Style would suit you best at that specific time in your life.

After making the right decision do a "rough cut" of your desired style (unless of course you've chosen a full beard, in which case just sit back and enjoy). By "rough cut" I mean trim out your style but trim it larger, longer, and wider than you had envisioned. Doing this will guard against shaving too much and the sickening pit of the stomach ache that comes when an unexpected large clump of hair falls to the sink. Wait 4 more days, the 26th day, and if you are still happy and confident with your style go ahead and make the "final cut," all the while being very careful to go slow and remove only the amount of hair that is necessary. Now that you have your desired beard/mustache style begin enjoying your handiwork.

3 - Maintain Your Look

You have a great new look but you must keep it looking good. Check out the Beard Grooming Tips section for more specific information on beard trimming and maitaining your beard.

Keep in mind that just because you have your style you can add to it and adjust it, don't just settle. You may be able to make an adjustment that will take your beard style from good to great (ie. adding sideburns to a goatee, or a mustache to a chinstrap, etc). Stay mentally sharp and in tune with your beard, you wouldn't get married and have a successful marriage if you didn't ever talk and keep getting to know each other. Get to know your beard.