Beard Grooming Tips

With your new Beard and/or Mustache style you'll need to spend consistent periods of time dedicated to maintenance. For a long lasting, healthy relationship you need the proper tools, a regular schedule and an open mind.

Proper Tools - To treat your facial hair the way it deserves to be treated you'll need several items.

Brush - for daily combing and shaping. It may seem respectful to get a separate brush for your beard but that's wrong. Using the same brush for your hair and beard is very welcoming for the beard. It's the "new guy" and you want to make it feel like it's part of the family right away.

Comb - for fine shaping and beard trimming assistance. Again, it is good if you can use the same comb for your hair and beard.

Scissors - to cut and trim long stragglers or refine the style. Use carefully, a jerk could cause you to severely damage your beard style.

Beard Trimmers - for regular maintenance, shaping and grooming. Ideally you'll have two beard trimmers, a long toothed trimmer (for rough trimming and shaping) and a small toothed trimmer (for delicate, fine trimming).

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Shampoo and Conditioner - It may seem unncessary to specifically wash and condition your facial hair but it is Very Necessary. I'm not talking about using the suds from your head hair washing, you need to show some respect. Use the same shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair but give you beard its own cleansing experience. Doing this will keep your beard clean and enhance your relationship as your beard will feel valued and important.
Side Note: Beard hairs are very course but don't be discourage from using conditioner, it will help a little although your beard will never feel like's too manly.

Schedule - Right away in your facial hair experience you need to establish consistent daily and weekly grooming routines. This is vital for two main reasons: 1 - to keep your beard/mustache style looking its very best. 2 - You and your beard are just getting to know each other, having this consistent alone time will allow you to grow closer together in a shorter period of time.

Open Mind - As you and your beard navigate through your new partnership it is important to not only talk to your beard but also to listen. You may notice that after some time your facial hair may be hinting at something. That something could be a little trim here or there that will take your look and relationship to a new depth. Be open and willing to listen and change when the time is right, be a real man Define Yourself.